Seeley Cardone grew up in Blairstown New Jersey.  She graduated from Blair Academy in 2000.  She received her BFA, in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and a MA in art therapy from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  For seven years she lived in Chicago studying and practicing art therapy.  Seeley has presented numerous lectures on the application of art therapy and the creative process.  

Two years ago she traded in living by a Great Lake with frigid winters for Oswego, NY, ironically another city by a Great Lake with frigid winters.  She currently teaches within SUNY Oswego’s Art Department.  Seeley enjoys drawing and photography.  Her body of work, often with humorous undertones, examines interpersonal experiences and her relationships to those closest to her.  Her intention is to share experiences and thoughts to create a dialogue, which speaks to the universality of personal experiences.