In Response Series

I am married to a photographer.  To tend to our relationship and the need to make art, Peter and I often create within the same location.  Together we observe, support, and share a creative space, yet never collaborate.  This series of photographs was inspired by a desire to capture my response to Peter and his process.  It is dependent not only on both of us creating, but creating in the same space.

Within each image Peter is perceived as the creator and I am the observer or subject of his process.  The viewer is unaware that they are observing two creative processes.  Each image captures Peter photographing the landscape, as I play off his position and compose myself around the boarders of his activity.  When he assumes an awkward position to photograph I mimic his pose.  When I want his attention I walk into his frame.  In this series I explore the underlining dynamic between married artists and the collaborative nature of our relationship, which is often absent from our usual art practices.   I aim to highlight our shared space and occasional disconnect during the moment of creation.

This project is ongoing and has begun to transform with the birth of our two sons and their presence in our creative process.